What is Deep Fry?

A food newsletter taking deep-dive into the South Asian food culture.

For now it’s an experiment. But, the dream is to turn Deep Fry into a space where lesser known stories of South Asian food find a home. Since I am an anthropologist (by degree, at least), the focus is more on the people, societies and cultures…all through the lens of food.

Additionally, I will also add a few reading and film recommendations - obviously all based around food.

For now this is all I have to say about Deep Fry. More, as and when this space evolves.



About Me


I am Shirin Mehrotra, an independent food writer, researcher, aspiring anthropologist and content & communication strategist currently based in Delhi. I write about food, culture, society with a special interest in writing about the foodscapes of urban spaces. My work has been published in Whetstone, The Juggernaut, National Geographic Traveler, Conde Nast Traveler, Roads & Kingdoms, Goya Journal, Mint Lounge among others. I also consult small brands and entrepreneurs (specifically food related) with creating content for their website and social media platforms.

You can read more about me and find my work here.

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Food stories from South Asia


A food writer-researcher turned anthropologist, currently based in Delhi, I write about the foodscapes of cities, the intersection of food, culture and communities, and the geopolitics of food.